Mr. Eduard Voloh

Mr. Eduard Voloh

Got a Physics M.A and Physics teaching degree from the University of Chisinau, Moldova. For the first 12 years of the career, taught physics for 7th – 12th grade at a high-school in Benderi, Moldova. The work included tutoring and preparing students for the university. Planned study programs and was in charge of the physics laboratory. In 2009 took a course for immigrant teachers from the Ministry of Education and got a regular teaching license. During the years 2009-2011, taught physics at Eshel-Hanasi high-school. Since 2009, teaching physics at the Pre-Academic Studies Department of Sami Shamoon Engineering College. 


Academic preparatory program
Be'er Sheva

Be'er Sheva

404 D Building(60)


1979-1984 Physics and physics teaching. (Physics M.A,Physics teaching) University of Chisinau, Moldova



Increased physics - Electricity and magnetism

Increased physics - Mechanics

Increased physics - Introduction to solid state physics