Amit Twik

“During my undergraduate studies at SCE, I had a job at a governmental security division that requires commitment and dedication – and the college enabled it, and was also highly supportive. During my second year of studies, I was accepted to a huge project at Israel Chemicals, which included traveling abroad, where I dealt with software development and advanced information systems for the organization. During my work in Europe, I got to know additional organizations and companies, and I served as an integration engineering and planner for two years at the solar energy division of one of the largest companies in Europe, RWE – BELECTRIC GmbH. This is what enabled me to complete my degree with an outstanding final project on the subject of solar energy systems. 

“The college and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics in particular, supported me during this period. This support was expressed, for example, in the opening of courses and labs during the evening hours for students that work and have the chance to be part of the industry at an early stage of their career. At SCE, I also acquired real and practical tools to work in this field. The lecturers all bring forth content that reflects the most updated technology. I am happy to have been fortunate enough to start my career in electrical engineering with experience from day one".