Outstanding graduates in mechanical engineering required

The center for thermo-dynamic and materials failure research at SCE is seeking excellent students completing their studies this year (2021-2022) that are interested in continuing studies for a master degree and thesis in the mechanical engineering department.

If you love research and development, are curious and not afraid of a challenge, there are several research projects that you can take part in.

The center is seeking students for research in the following subjects:

Thesis research subjects under the guidance of Dr. Elad Priel Email: eladp@sce.ac.il:

  1. Study of the potential use of mechanical parameters of the human ovum in the process of selecting return embryos during the in-vitro fertilization process – a study in collaboration with the Soroka In-Vitro Fertilization Unit.
  2. Study of the effect of micro-mechanical parameters on the compression curve of metallic powders – a study in collaboration with the Negev Nuclear Research Facility.
  3. Study of the effect of the model thickness on the energy parameter of stretching failures in the application of failure models based on a continuum of numerical codes.

Thesis research subjects under the guidance of Dr. Nir Trabelsi Email: nirtr@sce.ac.il:

  1. Study of the mechanical behavior of (3D) printed layered material in the use of orthopaedic implants.
  2. Final elements analysis of bones for a specific patient – evaluating the risk of breaks and adapting implants.

*Preference will be given to internal students who will be employed by the department as tutors during the research works.