Hip fracture risk assessment in elderly and diabetic patients: combining autonomous finite element analysis and machine learning
Z. Yosibash, N. Trabelsi, I. Buchnik, K. W. Myers, M. Salai, I. Eshed, Y. Barash, E. Klang, L. Tripto‐Shkolnik
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 0, 1-11, 2023    

Small punch testing of Al-iB2 composites fabricated by spark plasma sintering: A computational and experimental study
E. Priel, B. Mittelman, N. Trabelsi, N. Lulu-Bitton, S. Haroush, S. Kalabukhov, S. Hayun, N.U. Navi
Journal of Composite Materials, published online September 14, 2022   

An approach for simultaneous reduction and fixation of mandibular fractures
E Snyder, M Trabia, N Trabelsi
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 1-13, 2022.

The Mechanical Response of Epoxy–Sisal Composites Considering Fiber Anisotropy:
A Computational and Experimental Study

O Sinitsky, N Trabelsi, E Priel, Fibers 10 (5), 43, 2022.

Assessing hip fracture risk in type-2 diabetic patients using CT-based autonomous finite element methods: a feasibility study
D Rotman, G Ariel, J Rojas Lievano, H Schermann, N Trabelsi, M Salai, Z Yosibash, A Sternheim
The Bone & Joint Journal 103 (9), 1497-1504, 2021.

Aluminum Matrix Composites with Weak Particle Matrix Interfaces: Effective Elastic Properties Investigated Using Micromechanical Modeling
A Farkash, B Mittelman, S Hayun, E Priel
Materials 14 (20), 6083, 2021.

Bonding of Al6061 by Hot Compression Forming: A Computational and Experimental Study of Interface Conditions at Bonded Surfaces
B Mittelman, M Ben-Haroush, I Aloush, L Mordechay, E Priel
Materials 14 (13), 3598, 2021.

Patient-specific computed tomography-based finite element analysis: a new tool to assess fracture risk in benign bone lesions of the femur
H Schermann, Y Gortzak, Y Kollender, S Dadia, N Trabelsi, Z Yosibash, A Sternheim
Clinical Biomechanics 80, 105155, 2020.

Zona pellucida shear modulus, a possible novel non-invasive method to assist in embryo selection during in-vitro fertilization treatment
E Priel, T Priel, I Szaingurten-Solodkin, T Wainstock, Y Perets, A Zeadna, A. Harlev, E. Lunenfeld, E. Levitas, I. Har-Vardi
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-10, 2020.

Autonomous FEs (AFE)-A stride toward personalized medicine
Z Yosibash, K Myers, N Trabelsi, A Sternheim
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 80 (11), 2417-2432, 2020

Bone metastases in the femur-a CT-based finite element analysis
F Traub, Z Yosibash, N Trabelsi, S Dadia, Y Kollander, Y Gortzak, S Amir
Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie 158 (S 01), DKOU20-1096, 2020.

Cold Forming of Al-TiB2 Composites Fabricated by SPS: A Computational Experimental Study
E Priel, NU Navi, B Mittelman, N Trabelsi, M Levi, S Kalabukhov, S Hayun
Materials 13 (16), 3456, 2020.

When and where do patients with bone metastases actually break their femurs? A CT-based finite element analysis
A Sternheim, F Traub, N Trabelsi, S Dadia, Y Gortzak, N Snir, M Gorfine, ...
The Bone & Joint Journal 102 (5), 638-645, 2020

Effect of pre-deformation and B2 morphology on the mechanical properties of Al0. 5CoCrFeNi HEA
M Aizenshtein, E Priel, S Hayun
Materials Science and Engineering: A 788, 139575., 2020.


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