Aiysha’s start-up is on its way to app stores

Aiysha Abu-Jaber, a 19-year-old electrical and electronics engineering student from the Be’er Sheva Campus, has developed an app to be used as a universal digital wallet at gas stations

If and when the Apli app becomes widespread and is extensively used in gas stations around Israel, just remember that the person behind it is no other than an ambitious young Bedouin. Meet Aiysha Abu-Jaber, a 19-year-old first year student in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at the Be’er Sheva Campus, who founded the start-up company responsible for the development of a universal digital wallet for all gas stations. The innovation the Apli app brings with it to the gas service industry, is that it allows customers at all gas stations and electrical docking stations to pay in a simple and fast digital manner.

Aiysha says that the start-up and entrepreneurial world always interested her, even before she started her studies at SCE. A web search led her to the “Negev Start-Up” program, which provides tools for the development and promotion of projects and ideas from concept to development. She was accepted to the program, where she learned how to form a start-up company from scratch.

Aiysha is an alumnus of “Desert Stars”, an organization dedicated to the development of a new generation of young Bedouin leaders. Through this organization, she got in touch with Adam Bismuth, who founded a start-up company himself. “Adam came-in early in the process, and he is still guiding me today, offering his advice whenever I need something or when I encounter a question I can’t answer”, says Aiysha. “If I don’t understand something, I turn to him for explanations. In many cases I had to make immediate decisions, and in order to make sure I made the right decision, I called him, and he helped me”.

Aiysha speaks about her studies at the College: “I was driven to study electrical and electronics engineering out of a personal desire. My studies give me a sense of confidence in the knowledge that I have, and also give me tools to learn how to solve problems and think outside the box. My studies also make me feel good and help me learn about the world I live in. I have always dreamed about a better world. This dream has been the driving force that pushes me to find solutions to everyday problems”.

As a young Bedouin woman, Aiysha says she faced difficulties in understanding the entrepreneurial world and finding her place in it. “I had to work hard to understand and learn about this world. With my family’s encouragement I managed to establish my start-up company already at the age of 19. I am so proud to be the first Bedouin woman to establish a start-up company, and I am so happy to see more woman enter this amazing world. That’s why I try to offer them guidance and direction the best I can”.

Aiysha is proud to say that the first investor in her start-up was a Bedouin, which was also a first for the Bedouin community. So far, he has invested 100 thousand NIS – and is expected to invest more in the future. Apli will be available on the Android an iPhone app stores starting next month, but Aiysha’s expectations go beyond success in sales: “I want to see the deep integration of Bedouins in the entrepreneurial world in the next couple of years. 10 years from now, I see myself as a successful and leading entrepreneur”.