Art in the Spirit of the Times

“Without Words”: Visual Communication students designed posters for a unique exhibition following the events of October 7th * We invite you to come and see this moving exhibition

Students in the Visual Communication Department designed posters following the events of October 7th in an exhibition open to the public and on display at the campus under the name “Without Words”.

Among the posters in this exhibition, one can find a wounded and bandaged Star of David, an orange balloon shaped like the number 1 flying in the air to commemorate the birthday of the kidnapped baby, Kfir Bibas, which he marked as a hostage, a poster presenting an hourglass of blood, running out of time, and more.

One poster in the exhibition presents the map of Israel, composed of the words of “Hatikvah” in the handwriting of children. “It was important for me to present the situation through the eyes of children – both those who live here in Israel and those who were kidnapped,” explains the designer of the poster, Rotem Bushusha, a second-year student in the Visual Communication Department at SCE: “The poster carries an optimistic message, of continuity and hope for all children and for all of us as a nation. We all experienced pain on that Saturday, everyone knows somebody who was there, and it was a difficult experience – but it is important for me to carry the message that we will win, this is our country, and we always have hope.”

“About two weeks before the return to school, we published a Call to Action for students at the department seeking a visual reaction to the events of October 7th,” tells s, head of the Visual Communication Department at SCE. “As the academic staff at the Visual Communications Department, we believe that acting and creating is a way of life – we will continue to encourage our students to create works that also express the events we go through together as a nation and as a community.”

The exhibition is open to the public for the duration of the semester, until 6.4.24, between 8:00-20:00 on the second floor of the Legacy Building.