Celebrating the Opening of the 2022-2023 Academic Year

The holiday season has passed, and with the opening of the academic year there was an especially joyous happening this year as well on the two SCE campuses - in Be’er Sheva and in Ashdod - to welcome our students.

There was a colorful booth fair at the festive event on the main lawn of the Be’er Sheva campus, which included a photo magnet photography wall, food and beverages, and the information booth of the Student Association, which also produced the event. Agam Buhbut, a resident of the city, performed on the main stage, energizing the atmosphere with great style and all her hit songs which animated the crowd.

About 4,000 students will attend classes on the Be’er Sheva campus, and for 1,300 of them this will be their first year on the path to the desired degree.

On the College lawn we met Tzuriel Elkaslasy, a 25 year old student from Be’er Sheva who will begin his second year as a Mechanical Engineering student: “The atmosphere is good, the feeling is good and there’s a lot of motivation. I want to develop and learn more this year. After the first year the sense of preparedness towards the challenging courses this coming year is significantly higher. I believe that the college has a support system and will offer help in where needed.”

At the festive event on the central lawn of the campus we met Or Elmakias, Chairperson of the Student Association, who said that: “the academic year opening celebration is our opportunity to welcome the new and continuing students, to acquaint them with the Association’s activities, and of course to forge connections through which we will accompany the students throughout the year and help them in a range of fields, among them of course events that will create a joyful student atmosphere in-between the courses, in addition to social and community activities”. DJ Luda Gross performed on the stage built in the complex, animating the students with techno rave, a perfect ending of the event.

About 2,600 students will attend classes on the Ashdod campus, among them 950 students for whom this will be their first year. The SCE notes that the growing trend of an increasing number of female students continued this year as well. Last year women already comprised 30% of the entire student body, and this trend is expected to increase the number of women in the engineering and cyber professions. A new beginning at the College is the opening of Lahav Program (Learning Engineering in High School) to high school students from Ashdod and the surrounding area. The program will include 52 outstanding high school students who will participate in academic courses in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department.

Prof. Jehuda Haddad, the rector of SCE College said: “We are happy and excited to once again see students throughout the college, and to stride together with the brilliant minds here towards a better world. We are confident that this year as well, the doors which the College opens to many, and that enables them to integrate into the engineering world, will prove powerful and will produce graduates who will lead the Israeli industry and economy in the coming years.”