Dozens of researchers from Israel and abroad attended the Civil Engineering department conference

At the conference, which took place at the Ashdod campus on the topic of “Monitoring the Dynamic Failure of Rocks”, participants discussed earthquakes, the mechanics of rocks and tunnel stability

Dozens of scholars from universities in Italy, England, Greece, India and China attended the SCE Civil Engineering department conference at the Ashdod campus. The conference centered on rocks and monitoring rock failures, with participants discussing new field studies conducted in laboratories, tunnels and even during earthquakes. Tens of advanced degree students from universities in Israel also attended the conference to hear field experts discuss the various topics.

The conference aimed to examine research conducted in academia to address the myriad problems civil engineers encounter in their work. Thus, for example, the researchers discussed the physics and mechanics of rocks, the stability of tunnels dug in rocks, and earthquakes and their effect on man-made structures in rocks. The researchers, from Israel and abroad, presented studies conducted in the laboratory or in the field, followed by a discussion about the research.

“We are happy to host world-renowned experts at our college in Ashdod”, said Prof. Wafa Elias, head of the Civil Engineering department at the Ashdod campus. “The SCE set a goal to serve as a bridge between the world of academia and those involved in civil engineering in the field. Our research experience and relationship with industry are also recognized in the world. We hope that the study findings presented at the conference will benefit civil engineers working in the rock field, and that we will also continue to lead in this field in the future”.