Considering what to study? Hit the gas

Want to prepare yourself for an interesting and challenging profession? How about mechanical engineering with a specialization in natural gas?

The natural gas industry is one of the largest growth engines in Israel, and as such will continue to develop significantly in the coming years. This will lead to increased demand for workers, mainly engineers, in this industry.

The Sami Shamoon College of Engineering Ashdod campus identified the need to train engineers for the new energetic future, and is currently one of the few academic institutions in Israel offering a BA program in mechanical engineering with a specialization in natural gas. The program aims to qualify graduates with both theoretical and applicable knowledge in transporting and storing natural gas in order to meet the growing demand for engineers in this developing industry following the discovery of natural gas in the Tamar and Leviathan gas fields.

Courses in this study track focus on additional knowledge in fluid mechanics and the thermal sciences combined with specific courses taught by leading figures from industry. Students also learn software programs for planning natural gas transport systems and gain experience in the teaching laboratories of industrial facilities. Natural gas graduates can further their knowledge in this field by pursuing a graduate degree (with a thesis) in Green Engineering.

The head of the mechanical engineering department at the Ashdod campus, Dr. Guy Ben-Hamu: “To develop a flourishing industry there is first and foremost a need for talented individuals and skilled working hands, which is why we developed a study track dedicated to the training and integration of mechanical engineers in the natural gas industry. At the outset we understood that academic and engineering knowledge in this field in Israel is sparse, and therefore opened a specialization track for the benefit of industry and academia in Israel. This study track is dynamic, and alongside theoretical knowledge also includes practical experience tailored for the employment market and for developments in this market. Furthermore, the study contents are adapted and updated to keep up with the changing technological reality. The natural gas field will continue to grow, offering graduates many and varied employment opportunities in energy companies, Israel Electricity Company power stations, private electricity companies and companies that specialize in converting plants to natural gas”.