Cornerstone Laid for the Permanent Campus in Ashdod

The cornerstone was laid for the permanent SCE campus in Ashdod at a ceremony held at the beginning of June. Tens of Ashdod city representatives and representatives of the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering attended the ceremony held at the future location of the permanent engineering campus. The new campus will be built on an area of 46 dunams out of the 150 dunams intended for the future Ashdod Academic Campus. Prof. Jehuda Haddad, President of the Ashdod Engineering College, and the Ashdod Mayor Dr. Yechiel Lasri spoke at the ceremony.

“We came here today to lay the cornerstone, and with it the foundations of high education in Ashdod”, said Prof. Jehuda Haddad in his speech. “Whoever is engaged in academia and education understands the significance of an educational foundation. When we came to Ashdod 18 years ago, we also understood the significance of high education. For 18 years we hoped and strived, and ultimately it all came true. Today, even before the building of a fitting engineering campus in the city, we have reached amazing achievements, among them more than 4,000 engineers who are graduates of the college and work throughout the country, 2,500 students and about 150 campus employees. What we do is not for us but for society – for a better world. I stand here today and commit to you that the first building of the SCE Ashdod Academic Engineering College will be standing within three years.”

Ashdod Mayor Dr. Lasri welcomed the attendees and thanked Prof. Jehuda Haddad for the shared partnership and path: “We are making history today. Similar to every wide-reaching vision, organizations, institutions and people came together for its realization. Prof. Haddad, you are a friend and a partner to the undertaking of bringing higher education to Ashdod. The city of Ashdod and I myself are grateful to you. It is my hope that we will stand here in three years to dedicate the city’s new engineering campus.”