The first time in academia in Israel: M.Sc. in green engineering with a thesis

For the first time in Israel, an M.Sc. program with a thesis in green engineering in the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering. The program, offered by the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering aims to: expose students to the importance of environmental, social and economic effects of systems and processes.

Studies in the green engineering field are intended for engineers from various fields engaged in planning, design, operation and management of engineering systems and processes affecting the human and natural environment.

Program studies are open to applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and to applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in the natural sciences. An individual study program will be designed for each student based on his or her education and background.

According to SCE President, Prof. Jehuda Haddad, “In the current age, in which the term ‘sustainable’ is an inherent part of every business, economic and environmental system, training engineers for whom this topic is part of their DNA is a necessity. This has already been understood in the world where dedicated study programs in this field are already offered.”

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