Prestigious Israel IEEC EMC conference comes to Ashdod

About 150 persons from industry in Israel and the world came to the Ashdod campus to participate in the Israel IEEE EMC international conference. The conference was attended by students and persons from academia and industry from Israel and abroad who discussed EMC topics, among them communications, antennas, direct energy and electro-magnetic systems. 

The conference was hosted by the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department at SCE – Shamoon College of Engineering Ashdod. This year the conference focused on basic and applied EMC and radio communication. Experts in the field, among them from Switzerland, USA, Spain and Italy, and from companies such as Elbit, Rafael, Elta and the Israeli Airforce, attended the conference and participated in four panels on various topics.

EMC is a multi-disciplinary branch of electrical engineering, electronics and communication. Various electrical systems functioning together in a small physical space, for example in an office, aircraft or vessel, depend on the electro-magnetic compatibility of all the systems operating within that space. Therefore, proper engineering of the various systems and their compatibility contributes to increased system reliability, to reduced prices and to greater confidence of those using them.

“Our conference is for experts, engineers, scientists and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge about basic and applied EMC and radio communication”, said Dr. Irit Juwiler, head of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department at the SCE Ashdod campus. “IEEE is the international organization of electrical and electronics engineers, with more than 400,000 members worldwide which publishes the best professional and scientific articles in its field each year. It also supports several professional conferences in various places in the world. The experts that lectured at the conference contributed their accumulated knowledge to enriching us with professional theoretical and practical information”.