Mor Peretz is the first SCE graduate to be named Professor

A successful academic career comes full circle: Mor Peretz, who began his career in the engineering field at the SCE Be’er Sheva campus, received the title of Professor at Ben-Gurion University after fulfilling all the requirements of the University where he is employed as a senior academic faculty member and also heads a research center.

Prof. Peretz began his academic career after he was injured during his military service. It was then that he met Prof. Saad Tapuchi from the SCE who convinced him to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the College. “I met Prof. Tapuchi while I was in rehabilitation at the hospital”, Peretz says. “He helped me with everything related to registration, and also assisted me during my studies. I could not have completed my Engineering degree without his support and that of the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering”.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree at the SCE Peretz went on to receive his MSc and PhD at Ben-Gurion University, and then completed his post-doctoral studies in Toronto, Canada. He remained in touch with lecturers from the College who now congratulate him on receiving this distinguished title. Prof. Peretz founded and currently heads the  Center for Power Electronics and Mixed-Signal IC at Ben-Gurion University. As part of the Center’s activity he works with leading companies in Israel, and conducts research together with Master’s and PhD students. “We work on projects with leading companies in both civilian and defense industries in Israel and from around the world: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Elbit, TowerJazz, Vishay and others. In the past 6 years I raised more than NIS 12 million for research” he says.

Peretz notes that research conducted at his center, which focuses on energy management in miniaturization processes, is relevant to all areas of life, and carries the potential for future developments in the field of electricity exploitation. “Our activity combines analog and digital electronics with data processing and miniaturization capabilities. We bring all the electronic hardware capabilities together under one division. That was my vision, and today I can look back and say that my vision has been realized”.

Prof. Peretz is glad to speak about the importance of the SCE, headed by its President, Prof. Jehuda Haddad: “The founding of the College is a vision realized. I am not sure that I could have reached where I am today without the opportunity the SCE gave me. My College classmates also serve in high ranking positions in some of the leading companies in Israel, and some have even formed start-up companies. SCE graduates who come to me today to study towards a Master’s degree at Ben-Gurion University are proof of the correct path the SCE undertaking”.