Tal Friedman’s Moving Lecture at the Alumni Evening

In a lecture at the alumni evening held on the Be’er Sheva campus the actor revealed his personal story as the father of an adopted daughter contending with autism and an intellectual disability

Hundreds of SCE alumni met recently at a special alumni evening organized by the College. The evening included a networking session among the alumni, as the College strongly believes and acts to strengthen relationships between alumni from all years in order to promote collaborations and help new graduates find their place in industry or advance professionally.

In the experiential part of the evening the alumni enjoyed an inspiring lecture given by Tal Friedman - “What I learned from my daughter”. Tal revealed the personal story of his journey as a father to an adopted daughter contending with autism and an intellectual disability. The alumni did not remain indifferent to Friedman’s moving and touching story, which changed everything they thought they knew about him.    

Among the alumni we met was Tal Drucker, a chemical engineering BA graduate who currently works at Makhteshim in an R&D position. Tal told us: “Before coming here this evening I was very excited to meet my friends from my degree studies who I haven’t seen for a long time, as well as the lecturers and the staff who accompanied me during my undergraduate studies. These evenings add a great deal to the interpersonal relationships between my classmates and all the graduates, and meeting the College alumni from the different departments can be a great help in your professional life and is really wonderful.” About the lecture, Tal added, “The lecture and the overall organization of the evening were excellent and I was happy to take part. I thank the College for establishing the Alumni Association and for maintaining contact with the graduates after they complete their degree.”

The evening was conducted by the Alumni Association which the college established in recent years, inviting the graduates to meet, share and mainly enjoy the excitement. The College sees great importance in strengthening its ties with its graduates through the Alumni Association. Moreover, these get-togethers are very significant for the development of the College and signify a notable milestone in its growth.