The Engineers of the Future are Already Here

Excited and proud, hundreds of SCE Shamoon Academic College gathered together for the graduation ceremonies held on both Ashdod and Be'er Sheva campuses. After a year of working in the field, graduates from all the departments reunited and brought each other up to date on their current activities. The college staff were also excited to see all the graduates who are now filling positions in the industry

Hundreds of college graduates participated in the award ceremonies held at the Be'er Sheva and Ashdod campuses. The college trains 15% of all Israel’s engineers each year, and each year the number of students at the college increases, testimony to the enormous development occurring to which the college is a partner by training the country’s future generations of engineers, contributing to the extensive growth momentum in all areas of the economy, industry and security. The graduates attending the ceremonies met their friends, took pictures and shared information. The engineering faculty awarded degrees to graduates of the civil engineering, industrial and management engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, software engineering, chemical engineering and green engineering departments.

The College Rector, Prof. Jehuda Haddad, greeted the graduates: “Dear graduates, today you are embarking on your life journey with a cargo of values and tools that will turn you into excellent engineers, with each of you contributing to the development of a healthy, strong, humane and technological society. Complex challenges lie ahead, but I am certain that you will handle them with excellence. Don’t suffice with small dreams, go for the big ones, because you all can. SCE is the realization of a dream that we believed in, a dream that higher education should be enabling for each and everyone to choose their unique pathway to excel”.

The College President, Prof. Semyon Levitsky, added: “Dear graduates, you have arrived at this special standing after years of intense studies and continuous work and you deserve to celebrate. You all withstood difficult challenges and I am certain you are proud of your achievements and of completing your studies and earning your degrees”.

The Be'er Sheva ceremony was attended by the City Mayor Mr. Ruvik Danilovich, who encouraged the graduates to dream and lead the society: “Dear graduates, you have been imposed with a most important mission – to create a future, in all fields of life. To improve our world and to bring solace to our society, to find cures for illnesses, and to help people to live healthier and better lives”.

The exciting ceremony was also attended by the College CEO, Ms. Zohar Walpert Cohen, head of the College Academic Administration, Dr. Avshalom Danoch, members of the Administrative Committee, department heads, additional dignitaries and families of the graduates who came to join in the celebrations.