TrueTicket - The add-on that helps you purchase airline tickets

We are in the midst of the final project submission period, and today we would like to tell you about TrueTicket – an application that earned its developers, fourth year graduates Nicolas Roizman and Daniel Rabinovich, the title of outstanding project for 2020 at the Software Engineering Department annual project conference at the Be’er Sheva campus. The innovative development is an add-on that helps you purchase airline tickets and make hotel reservations more securely, reliably and easily, and in fact reduces the price.
Some background: the number of flight and vacation reservations made via the internet has surged in recent years. Websites in this field display dynamic prices that depend on different criteria, for example browser type, the device from which the purchase is made, the buyer’s physical location and purchase history and more. As a result, many fraudulent websites operate with the sole purpose of stealing user payment information.
The TrueTicket add-on, developed under the supervision of Dr. Natalia Vanetik, is installed on any device with access to the internet and runs the Chrome browser or a Chrome-based browser. Easy to operate, TrueTicket checks and verifies that the website you are using does not contain malicious content, and no less important – checks whether the price changes every time you enter the website. If it finds that the website does not contain malicious content but changes the product price, then with click of a button you can change the browser definitions so that you receive the lowest price which the website offers. And at the click of a button you can go back to the previous definitions.
Now there are only two things to wait for: that Nicolas and Daniel’s development will be available for wide-ranging use, and for that day after the coronavirus – when we will need it.