Virtual hackathon

The EIC - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center in collaboration with the InNegev incubator conducted a first of its kind virtual hackathon in the aim of finding solutions to the challenges facing industry as it reopens in the age of corona. Hackathon participants included 140 students from all SCE engineering departments taking courses at the EIC. The students collaborated and competed to develop solutions to problems arising at this time as industry returns to a new normal.

The students presented their outputs at the hackathon final event in the format of a virtual investor presentation to the panel of judges that included senior executives from a range of companies. The most original idea presented at the hackathon was an unseen device placed at the top of the elevator that automatically sprays a disinfectant on an elevator button each time it is pressed – enabling the next person to press the button without fear of being infected.

Other top-ranking ideas included a 3D printing device in which the user places their finger for quality and accurate printing of a nail design - saving a visit to a professional gel nail polish art designer; an audio tracker that can be placed in public places to monitor a dramatic increase in decibels and alert if a gathering of people occurs; an automatic disinfection device for bathrooms; and a multi-use face mask made of cannabis plant remnants.

Among the judges who examined the students’ excellent ideas were Eli Bensimon, a member of the Netafim board of directors and chairman of the board of the InNegev incubator; Eyal Ginsberg, InNegev incubator CEO; Orit Almog from Sodastream; Dr. Neta Kela, head of the ECI and others.