BIOART meeting

At this BIOART meeting, which will take place on November 5-6 at Ashdod campus, SCE and the partner institutions in the project will present the project and its significance to an larger audience of students and faculty. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce students and faculty to the new courses that were opened thanks to the project, the opportunities to take courses abroad in the partner institutions, and the potential collaborations between faculty members in Israel and abroad.

BIOART is an Erasmus Capacity project, whose main objective is to develop a multidisciplinary curriculum in Bioengineering, with emphasis on smart artificial implants. This project involves European partners with known expertise in the field of bioengineering, regenerative medicine and biomedical signal processing. The Israeli team involved in this project includes SCE, Bar Ilan University, HIT and IUCC.

The new developed curriculum will provide graduates the required competences for their employability in the field of artificial implants, and will increase the research collaboration between the involved academic partners.