Online IEEE-EMC Conference

The ISRAEL IEEE-EMC Conference, that will be held via Zoom on Thursday, October 15, 2020, is for experts, engineers, scientists and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge about basic and applied electromagnetic compatibility and radio communication.

The experts lecturing at the conference will include leading keynote lecturers in their field who will share their accumulated knowledge and enrich the participants with professional knowledge – both theoretical and practical.

Partners to preparing the conference include the Israel IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Group, the Association of Engineers in Israel and the SCE Sami Shamoon College of Engineering.

IEEE, an international organization of electrical and electronics engineers, has more than 400,000 members throughout the world. Each year it publishes the best professional and scientific articles in its fields of expertise and supports several professional conferences in various places throughout the world. Owing to the importance of EMC and radio communication as well as other technology and science fields, the IEEE has several work groups that bring together experts in various sub-disciplines, among them electromagnetic compatibility, in order to assist in formulating standards.

We hope the quality of this conference exceeds that of the previous conferences and that the participants gain significant benefit from the lectures and from meeting colleagues.