Investigators and Leaders

Investigators and Leaders, an enriching encounter for Women’s Day, to be held on Wednesday, 9.3.22, at 20:00.

The gender rift in Israel’s academia: an empirical examination of patent registration in the academic sector

The issue of women’s status in the academic world has for a long time been the focus of public debate concerning the role of the higher education system in promoting social values. The lecture will present a study that examines the integration of women into Israel’s academia by examining the scale of women’s participation in the processes of transferring knowledge from the academic world to Israel’s industry and character. The study was conducted together with Prof. Miriam Markowitz – Bitton (Bar-Ilan University) and Prof. Orit Fischman Afori (The College of Administration).

Dr. Sharon Bar-Ziv, a lecturer at the Sapir Academic College Law School. Specializes in the interface between law and technology, and deals in research and teaching in the field of data laws, intellectual property laws, innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Bar-Ziv’s articles are published in leading journals and she is invited to participate in conventions in the fields of her expertise in Israel and abroad.

Illustration: to read, to think, to respond

The lecture will speak about the connection between migration experiences within the gender context and the transition from a familiar language to a foreign language and the futurism movement in art and poetry that emerged in the avantgarde circles at the beginning of the 20th century. This connection allows reflection on the mediation that visual symbols perform between words and meanings, as a focal process performed by illustrations.

Ms. Nino Biniashvili an illustrator and graphic designer, head of the Visual Communications department at the college. She has a BA cum laude degree from Bezalel and an MA cum laude from the Swedish Academy for Design and Art. Biniashvili combines readymade images with images that she herself illustrates. Her creations include themes associated with languages, mythology, gender and migration.