Seminar: Innovation in the Building World

The Civil Engineering department at the Be’er Sheva campus in cooperation with CivilEng, the Israeli portal for civil engineering, building and environment, will hold a conference for third and fourth year students on the topic of innovation projects in the building sector. The aim is to arouse student curiosity, encourage entrepreneurship and better prepare students for a technologically changing world that does not bypass the building sector.

The conference will include lectures by entrepreneurship companies that will present technological developments  integrated into the building world, a panel of civil engineers, and a discussion with engineers from industry who will offer guidance and advice and answer questions from the audience.

To participate in the seminar – please scroll down and fill the registration form.

*The CivilEng Portal is a private initiative that consolidates information in the building sector field and also serves as a placement company specializing in the full range of positions in the building field in Israel and abroad.