Green Committee

In recent years, considerations regarding the environment, public health and safety have grown to become significant factors when it comes to political and economic decisions. The future of the next generations to come is defined by the processes we put in place today. "Green Campus" and SCE have set out to establish a sustainable environment for the student community, faculty and staff, as well as anyone visiting the premises every day. These endeavors place great emphasis on environmental and community driven activities.

"The Green Committee" was established as part of the ecological vision of SCE, as a leadership committee responsible for all environmental activities conducted on campus and throughout the community. This committee comprises students and staff members who work together with the goal of promoting environmental awareness throughout the college. The ultimate objective behind these endeavors is to initiate the change through actions in the present – in order to have a positive impact on the lives of future generations.

Academic activities are an integral part of these endeavors, and include courses on a variety of environmental, ecological and engineering subjects, which are selected by students throughout their studies. These courses are taught by experts in each specific field, who are also actively involved in green processes across the Negev region.

The Center for Green Engineering has been operating at SCE for several years, and it combines basic and applicable research to mutually develop sustainable processes with the industry and the community.  The goal of the center is to lead and implement sustainable developments throughout the State of Israel. This center conducts various researches in green engineering, green chemistry, and green technologies. In addition, the center initiates and heads academic and community programs, including: green engineering, life environment, environmental morning, green campus, amongst others.

SCE maintains mutual relations and conducts collaborations with the industry in the Negev region, and encourages relationship building between students and industry members. As part of this approach, SCE promotes the integration of graduates and students in the work environment, which helps keep young people with great potential in the southern area of Israel. This is part of the SCE vision and mission, and we are proud of the success of students and graduates who are able to actively participate in green processes and contribute to a better future for all.


Some of the planned "Green Campus" projects include:

- Establishment of Recycling Infrastructure

- Building an Ecological Garden

- Environmental Activities in the Community

- Promoting Awareness Regarding Resource Management and Source Conservation

To contact the Green Campus, please send an email to: [email protected]