Electricity and Renewable Energies in the South

The convention on Electricity and Renewable Energies in the South of the country will take place on Sunday, September 18, 2022, at the Minkoff Hall on the Be'er Sheva campus of the SCE College of Engineering.

The convention constitutes a connection between the Israeli electricity industry and the academic world, and within its framework lectures will be given by leading experts and members of the Israeli electricity industry, a panel will be held attended by municipal heads in the south, as well as occupational sessions for students and graduates of the college in electrical and electronic engineering with important employers in the industry.

There will be three sessions to the convention, and a rich lunch will be served.

This is an exceptional opportunity for fourth year first degree and for second-degree students – from the electrical and electronic engineering department only – to take part in a unique and fascinating convention at no cost, whereas all other convention guests are required to pay for their participation.