“Life Saving Engineering” Hackathon

SCE Shamoon College of Engineering invites you, students with technological initiative, and creative and innovative thinking, to participate in the “Life Saving Engineering” hackathon of 2018, held on May 21-22 at the Ashdod campus.

The hackathon, conducted in the framework of the “Engineering Society 2018” conference at SCE, is open to students from all academic institutions in Israel, and offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in taking part in a social-technological initiative.

Participants of the hackathon will devise social-engineering, thought-based solutions, which combine business and design aspects along with teamwork, while meeting the challenges of a competitive environment and time constraints. All teams will be accompanied by experts in the relevant fields. The team solutions defined at the hackathon will be presented before a forum of experts.    

The “Life Saving Engineering” hackathon will be held in collaboration with the “Beterem” organization for children’s safety, whose goal it is to act in advance (“beterem” means “beforehand” in Hebrew) with the aim of promoting child safety and creating a safer environment for children in Israel.

In order to simulate a real-life engineering environment, each team will consist of six members, from at least two academic departments. Please note this when registering as a team.  

After registering, please send a certificate of studies to: [email protected].

The three leading teams at the hackathon will compete for the first places at the “Engineering Society” conference held on May 28th at the Be’er Sheva campus.

The team reaching first place will be awarded a prize* of 10,000 NIS. The prize for second place will be 5,000 NIS, and 2,500 NIS will be awarded for third place.

*The prize will be awarded to the entire team, and not to individual team members.

Final date for registration: May 8th, 2018.