The Academia Industry Software Quality & Testing (AISTQ) Conference brings together researchers and leaders from the industry who are interested in contemporary Software testing (ST) and Software quality topics. The AISTQ conference provides an opportunity for academic and industry practitioners to meet, present, and discuss novel approaches, algorithms, and techniques for improving software quality. We invite those interested in software quality and testing, from both the industrial sector and academia, to take part in this event. Our goal is to increase the important cooperation between academia and industry in any areas that are relevant to software quality and testing.

This year’s selected theme is Software Quality and Testing facing CICD challenges – Round Table AISTQ2018.

Today, more than ever, products, services, and entire industries are running on software. Industry adapts rapid development approaches, including continuous delivery and adjustment of software artifacts to the rapid changes in requirements, the transition to micro-service, telemetry data, and users’ experience. Therefore, the investment in technologies and tools that support software construction is inevitable. Particular emphasis should be placed on approaches that improve quality or expand the reach of software engineering into new domains. In our unique conference, AISTQ2018, the challenges of the quality development of these systems are the focus.

AISTQ2018 aims to introduce quality issues that are related to quality in continuous applications and usually are less considered, bringing together academia and industry representatives. The AISTQ Conference enables scholars, practitioners, decision makers, vendors, experts, developers, and others to discuss, learn, share, and collaborate to more effectively tap into the immense potential of the continuous world.

This year it is our intention to focus the annual AISTQ gathering to explore the new challenges enforced on us by the shift industry has taken toward CICD Philosophy and their short- and long-term implications.

We are cordially inviting industry leaders, practitioners, professional gurus, and academic distinguished scholars, to share their vision and forecasting for the already coming future.

A one-day round table of discussions will be hosted by SCE Faculty of Engineering – School of Software Engineering on April 25, 2018 at Beer-Sheva, Israel, with the cooperation of the FedEx Institute of Technology (FIT) – STEP program.

As part of the AISTQ2018 event we will conduct a hackathon titled the "Keeping the City Up2Data", which will be conducted in cooperation with the Center for Digital Innovation – CDI Negev and the Be'er Sheva Municipality as part of the Digital City project (Smart7), supported by the Headquarters for the National Digital Israel Initiative, Ministry of Social Equality.. The purpose of the competition is to develop applications that will be based on a set of repositories that are open to the public as part of the smart city project.