The Academic Colloquium

The Academic Colloquium of the SCE had been started in 1998 by the initiative of Prof. Victor Kagalovsky who serves as its Coordinator since then. Initially, the main goal of seminars was to introduce college researchers to each other and show their research topics. This goal had been achieved in the first year, a year later, we began to invite lecturers from other Israeli higher educational institutions, and two years later, foreign scholars also became speakers at the seminars.

The Colloquium hosted leading researchers from Harvard University, Weizmann Institute, Tel-Aviv University, Hebrew University, and many other leading Universities, and the topics of the talks were not (and are not) limited to the Exact Sciences. Among many outstanding stories from various sciences, it is worth mentioning Archeology and the excavation of the golden calf in Ashkelon (by one of the archeologists who excavated it), the building of the Twin Towers (by one of the engineers who built them), the story from English literature (by the BBC best storyteller), and many incredible stories from the history of science.

Our College is developing at incredible speed – in addition to six engineering departments, two new departments have been opened this year: Architecture and Visual Communications. Computer Sciences will be opened next year We expect many more fascinating talks from our College colleagues, Israeli and foreign leading scientists.

The upcoming Colloquium will be held on Monday, June 17th 2024, at 13:00. The speaker, Mr. Hananya Goodman will deliver his lecture: "The Bible and India".

The colloquium takes place in the seminar room (Room 303 – Einstein (40) (Old Room P324)).