Previous meetings

2.5.22, Prof. Yurkevich, Aston University, UK: "Disorder-enhanced one-dimensional superconducting phase transition"

10.4.22, Dr. John Grabinar, UK: The Antikythera mechanism — an ancient Greek astronomical computer

3.4.22, Dr. Nir Schreiber, Bar Ilan University: Changeover phenomenon in randomly colored Potts models

27.3.22, Prof. Jack Cohen, BGU: The revolution in science in America in the 20th Century

20.3.22, Dr. Bob Weintraub, SCE: Selmar Aschheim (1878-1965), Bernhard Zondek (1891-1966), and the first reliable test to detect early pregnancy

30.12.21, Dr. Noa Segal, SCE: Typography - Letter, Word, Sentence

22.12.21, Dr. Samuel Olatunji, BGU: Interaction design considerations using levels of automation and transparency in assistive robots for older adults

22.11.21, Dr. Bob Weintraub, SCE: Eric Kandel and Memory

13.11.21, Prof. Irwin Weintraub: Orchestra of Exiles

8.11.21, Moty Paz, SCE: Baron Rothschild and Baron Hirsch