Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering trains graduates to meet the various challenges facing a chemical engineer, such as planning and developing new processes and products, optimizing existing products, managing production processes, conducting financial analyses, implementing safety and environmental protection principles, and participating in research, amongst others.

Throughout their studies, students take several of SCE Project Oriented courses, including an advanced course on reactor and pediment planning, as well as the introductory course on nanotechnology in the chemical industry.

The scientific basis for this program is studied during the first two years, and includes courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology, and their applications in chemical engineering. Students select their specialization track at the end of their second year. Third and fourth year core engineering curriculums (momentum breaks of heat and matter, reactors, fundamental elements, and others) are studied by all students collectively.

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers four specialization tracks:

- Process Manufacturing

- Biotechnology

- Water Technologies

- Energy

During their third and fourth years, students are offered the chance to take special courses taught by industry experts, including: statistical processes, environmental engineering, malfunction detection, safety, factory planning, and others.

Specialization track selection is conducted while considering each student's preferences and academic status, as well as his or her achievements in general and in certain courses in particular. The opening of a specialization track requires a minimal number of students signed up.

Awarded Degree: B.Sc. undergraduate degree

Specialization Tracks: Process Manufacturing, Biotechnology, Water Technologies, Energy

Tuition: University Tuition

Location: Be'er Sheva or Ashdod

Duration of Studies: 4 years

Start of Studies: Winter, Spring

Scholarships: -- Link –

Application Requirements:

- Fully Completed Matriculation Exams (High School Diploma)

-  Psychometric / Psycho-technical Exam

-  Admission Committee

- 5 Point Mathematics (Grade must be above 70)

- 5 Point Chemistry

Pre-Academic Preparatory Program

Applicants who do not meet the application requirements may be accepted to undergraduate studies in chemical engineering following the successful completion of the SCE pre-academic preparatory program, which includes the introductory course to chemistry for chemical engineering.