About the Graduate Degree

The Graduate School coordinates all endeavors related to graduate degree studies at SCE. The school's responsibilities encompass a variety of issues, from consulting and student guidance through to the preparation of regulations that define standardized criteria for the different graduate programs. The school focuses its efforts on promoting advanced study tracks at SCE. As part of its many roles, the school supervises admission processes, including approval of candidates and defining the criteria for final projects. The Graduate School is responsible for approving scholarships for students who are doing a final research project.
There are four study programs:
Electrical Engineering and Electronics – specializing in power system
Software Engineering
Industrial Engineering and Management
Green Engineering – with a thesis
The degree granted to graduates of the program is an M.Sc. degree (Master of Science).     

The Graduate School objectives are as follows:

  • Encourage the best and most promising candidates to join a graduate degree program at SCE
  • Offer livelihood scholarships and tuition scholarships for students who choose to participate in a program which includes a final project
  • Support graduate students, and enable them to focus on their studies and professional progress
  • Encourage candidates to complete the program in the defined timeframe
  • Promote the development of graduate programs in additional departments
  • Encourage departments to facilitate research infrastructures for advanced degrees